Albuquerque Quartz Flooring
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Protect your concrete floors from damage, stain, corrosion and wear and tear.
What is quartz flooring

decorative, yet highly durable flooring

Does your Albuquerque home or business need a decorative flooring that can withstand daily life?

Quartz flooring is an advanced combination of high-performance resin and the finest uniformly shaped and sized granules.

The combination between quartz granules and resin makes this flooring exceptionally resilient to harsh chemicals and UV rays, while providing extremely durability and performance in the most demanding environments.

Quartz flooring is specifically designed and optimized for use in Albuquerque's commercial and industrial environments such as commercial kitchens and high-traffic areas, where slip-resistance, hygiene and ease of maintenance are extremely important.

Quartz flooring can also be used in residential settings such as patios, driveways and walkways, where slip-resistant and UV stable coatings are required, without compromising on the decorative and attractive look.

Albuquerque Quartz Flooring

Quartz Flooring Benefits

Durable & Long Lasting

Resin mixed with quartz creates a thicker and stronger surface, compared with normal resin coatings. Compared to other epoxy coatings, this thicker surface makes it more durable, abrasion, impact and scratch resistant with extreme performance in the most demanding environments.

easy to clean

Quartz flooring is designed to repeal dirt and stains, making it really easy to clean. This quality makes it ideal for use in areas where there is a strict cleaning and sanitation regulations, such as the food and health care industry.

chemical resistant

Quartz flooring uses a high-performance, industrial grade resin, that is resistant to many common chemicals such as cleaning agents, paint thinners, hydrochloric acid, industrial detergents and more. This chemical resistance makes quartz flooring ideal for Albuquerque's food processing and manufacturing facilities, labs and pharmaceutical/chemical industries.

slip resistant

The quartz granules in quartz flooring act as the slip resistant additive. This makes it great for use in Albuquerque's commercial kitchens, butchers, pool areas, outdoor entertainment area, car parks and more.

heat and water resistant

Quartz flooring has waterproof properties that repeal water, preventing it from soaking into the floor. When combined with coving, that seals the gaps between the floor and walls, water will have no way of soaking underneath the floor.
Quartz flooring is also designed to withstand high temperatures, before it starts to melt and to turn into rubber like texture.


Quartz flooring comes in variety of color blends, which can add a decorative finish to every floor and can match any interior or exterior design.


Quartz flooring Process

How we do it

We take it step by step


We start by mechanically grinding the concrete floor, until we remove all dirt, grime, oil, glue, paint, and stains.


Once the concrete is fully ground, we move on to repair all cracks and holes in the floor. Repairing the cracks and holes gives is important for the structural integrity of the quartz flooring.


Once the concrete slab is fully prepared we apply a thin coat of primer coat.


When the primer coat is fully cured, we apply the base layer and broadcast the colored quartz granules.
When the base layer is fully dry, we remove the excess granules and seal your floor with a specially designed topcoat.

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Our floor services

If quartz flooring is not what you are looking for, why not browse through our extensive range of epoxy flooring and polished concrete services.


We offer a variety of epoxy services for residential, commercial and industrial properties in an around Albuquerque, New Mexico.


We offer an extensive range of concrete floor services that will bring back to life any residential, commercial and industrial concrete floors in an around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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With concrete flooring, there isn't one option fits all. Every space is different and requires different flooring performance, like anti-slip, anti-microbial, impact and abrasion resistant, chemical and wear-resistant.

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