Albuquerque Grind and Seal COncrete
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Protect your concrete floors from damage, stain, corrosion and wear and tear.
What is Grind and Seal

durable and COST-EFFECTIVE flooring with minimum downtime for installation

Concrete, unless sealed is a porous surface, prone to staining, chipping and damage.
Applying a penetrating sealer can stop oils, dirt, salts and liquids from setting in. It prevents water from entering though small hairline cracks causing them to grow over time or even worse, reach the concrete metal joints and cause them to rust.

Concrete sealing has a similar look to polished concrete, but instead of the concrete being polished until it shines, grind and seal brings more darker, richer look to your concrete.
Grind and seal is ideal for Albuquerque's commercial, industrial and residential use including warehouses, offices, driveways, patios, bars and restaurants, retail shops, logistic centers and many more.

At Deco Crete Solutions we use a multi-step process that includes mechanically grinding and honing the concrete and sealing it with concrete sealer.
This process is considerably less time consuming and more cost-effective than polished concrete

Grind and Seal Albuquerque

Grind and seal Benefits

Durable & Long Lasting

We use high-performance concrete sealers, that are designed to stand up to heavy traffic in different settings. Our sealers are resistant to chipping, scratching and other types of damage. As they are water resistant, liquids cannot penetrate, damage or stain your concrete.
As our concrete sealers penetrate the concrete surface, they wear away only when the substrate surface wears away, between 5-10 years depending on how heavy the usage is.

easy to clean

With its smooth surface, sealed concrete won't harbor any dirt, dust or allergens, making it easy to clean, requiring only occasional mopping.
The sealed concrete also resists the marking of heavy equipment and staining from oils and chemical spills.
The upkeep of grind and seal is also relatively lower than for polished concrete.

Cost effective

Grind and seal doesn't require as much floor prep as polished concrete. Compared to polished concrete which can reach up to 3000 grid polish, with grind and seal, the concrete is grinded only up to 400 grid. This removes the added cost of lengthy floor preparation.


Unpolished and untreated concrete is porous, which results in fine concrete dusting laying around your property. Concrete dusting is not only bad for your health, but can also damage delicate equipment and manufacturing good. By sealing your concrete and preventing the wear and tear, you are ultimately protecting your health and your investment.

Water tight

The most common places we find untreated concrete is basements, garages, warehouses, patios, walkways, driveways, foyers and entryways. The thing these places have in common is the constant access to water.
Concrete sealers are water tight, preventing water from soaking into the concrete and damaging it. It also prevents concrete joints corrosion, caused by water.
Being water tight makes grind and seal suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Grind and seal Albuquerque comes in matte, satin or gloss finish. If you don't want to keep the natural concrete look, you can choose from an array of different concrete dyes and stains, to enhance the natural look of the concrete and to match with your interior and exterior.


Grind and seal Process

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be polished, no matter new or old.

How we do it

We take it step by step


We start by mechanically grinding the concrete floor, until we remove all dirt, grime, oil, glue, paint, and stains.
At this stage, we also aim to reveal the stones in the concrete slab.


Once the concrete is fully ground, we move on to repair all cracks and holes in the floor. Repairing the cracks and holes gives the finished floor an extra charm, while it preserves its structural integrity


Once the concrete slab is fully prepared we  finish off the concrete with a penetrating topcoat to suit the environment.


Please note that if the concrete has higher level of moisture, sealing it can cause moisture and water being trapped in it and ultimately damaging the final finish.
For newly poured concrete floors, the concrete slab  must be at least 28 days old and fully dried and cured.

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Our floor services

If grind and seal is not what you are looking for, why not browse through our extensive range of epoxy flooring and concrete floor services.


We offer a variety of epoxy services for residential, commercial and industrial properties in an around Albuquerque, New Mexico.


We offer an extensive range of concrete floor services that will bring back to life any residential, commercial and industrial concrete floors in an around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Get in touch with us and we'll help you design your dream floor

With concrete flooring, there isn't one option fits all. Every space is different and requires different flooring performance, like anti-slip, anti-microbial, impact and abrasion resistant, chemical and wear-resistant.

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